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essay writing you at the end of this lesson you will be able to write an essay in three parts that is introduction body and conclusion hello Z Z is your mother around I have some fresh homemade cookies for all of you and I wanted to give them to her good morning aunt Faye mother’s gone grocery shopping at the market she shouldn’t be long oh never mind I’ll leave these here and give her a call later just tell her I stopped by what’s wrong ZZ are you having trouble with your homework no one fee I have to write an essay for my school magazine it’s due for submission tomorrow and I can’t seem to figure out how to write it you look like you are having a little trouble drafting your s is easy maybe I can help you oh thank you aunt Faye have you selected a topic yet yes I’m going to write on the topic my best friend okay that sounds good now you cannot expect to write a perfect essay in your first try you need to spend some time thinking about what you are going to write you have to come up with points that you’re going to include in your essay note these points down and form an outline of your essay I’ve already done that and free look best friend Fleck next door pin short hair sit together knee bring bark likes eating chocolates and cakes drawing and coloring loves animals pet dog jumper daydreaming tells me stories asks lots of questions quiet but mischievious makes funny faces likes learning new things help each other love spending time with him hmm this seems fine very good CV do you know what an essay is and si is a composition made up of several paragraphs each of these paragraphs has a collection of connected sentences on a given topic a well-written essay usually has a title and a minimum of three paragraphs ZZ is writing an essay on her friend Fleck she has given her essay the title my best friend the outline of her story now needs to be elaborated within at least three paragraphs let’s see how an essay is written on the basis of a given topic sometimes beginning an essay can be the hardest part before beginning to write we must carry out a few initial steps first we must spend some time thinking about the topic this will help us come up with points that can be included in the essay ZZ has already put some thought into her essay and come up with relevant points then we can ask questions that relate to the topic of the essay and find the answers to these questions for example we can ask questions like does the essay have a good title or is there enough relevant matter to include in the essay to come up with points to include in the essay we can refer to various sources of information such as books media and people to get more information needed for the essay once we have collected all the information and ideas we can jot them down as points to draft an outline for the essay the points may not be full sentences but they help to begin writing the essay these points then need to be arranged carefully in proper order to give a suitable flow to the essay all rights easy now that you have decided what points you want to include let’s begin drafting your essay okay and fee but how do we do that now we know that the essays starts with the title and the content of the essay is based on it but other than the title there are some other paths to an essay an essay needs to be systematically divided into individual paths let me help you structure your essay an essay needs to be structured correctly for it to flow smoothly when being read the essay begins with the title the title should not only give an idea of the main topic covered but also capture the interest of the reader other than the title and essay is divided into three distinct paths the introduction or beginning the body or the middle and the conclusion or the end of the essay let’s look at what we need to cover under each of these parts the introduction the introduction is the beginning of an essay the purpose of the introduction is to introduce the topic to the reader in this case the topic relates to zzs best friend Fleck the introduction is usually shorter than the following paragraphs as it only tells the reader what to expect in the essay after the topic has been introduced we need to write the body of the essay the body is the middle of an essay that gives the most amount of detail about the topic it is the main section of an essay that follows the introduction the body of the essay can be divided into several paragraphs with one major point being covered in each paragraph however for a short essay the body can have only one paragraph with several small ideas included within it the body can include reasons examples quotations statistics opinions or personal stories of the writer the conclusion is the last section of the essay the conclusion or the end of an essay is the most important part of the essay the conclusion follows the body it must smoothly and the essay the conclusion sums up the essay and restates the important points of the topic including the writers views and opinions within one paragraph the conclusion uses words or sentences that signal the end of the essay I understand the three parts but how do I write my essay based on these parts I don’t know which point to include in what part don’t worry is easy will structure your essay right now I’ll help you put down your points into these three sections once the outline has been drafted the points need to be structured to fit into the three main parts of an essay let’s write down the main points of zzs essay in these three sections the title of zzs essay is my best friend she is writing about her friend Fleck in the introduction we need to bring out the title since the reader does not know Fleck the introduction will need to include his name description and also mention how ZZ became his friend this way the reader will be introduced to Fleck the body will follow the introduction since the reader now knows who fleck is the body can include some more details about him such as his hobbies the activity is easy and flek do together and so on the body can be extended beyond one paragraph the conclusion will end the essay this can include zzs thoughts about Fleck to give it a proper ending okay and face I know how I’m going to break up my points what do we need to do next now comes the most important part writing the essay again face I’ll start writing now remember to use your outline as the basis of your essay make sure you include all the points if you have any fresh ideas while writing you can include goes to alright antfee we need to be very careful while writing an essay while CC writes let’s look at some helpful pointers for writing essays use the outline as the foundation of the essay develop sentences based on the points noted down include any new ideas conceived while writing at the right places use appropriate words and good vocabulary to heighten the effect of what we want to say and how we want it to sound ensure that words are spelt right and sentences are grammatically correct the writing must be enjoyable for the reader a bit of humor can be included in the sentences to make it Lively I have finished writing my essay on fish will you read it and tell me if it sounds all right sure ZZ let’s take a look my best friend’s name is Fleck he lives in the house next door he is very thin and smaller than the other boys he has very short brown hair and a naughty smile I met him in the neighboring park while playing with my friends in the evening he smiled shyly and softly told me his name and I told him mine we played together and had ice cream and we’ve been inseparable since Fleck loves eating chocolates and cakes and always gets into trouble for eating too many he also likes drawing and coloring and he’s won a few art competitions too FLAC is very gentle and kind with animals he likes feeding birds at the park and loves taking care of his pet dog Champa he takes jumper to the park every evening jumper as his name suggests is very energetic just like Fleck Fleck likes daydreaming too he gets into a lot of trouble at school because of this Fleck is very quiet around people he doesn’t know but in reality he is very mysterious and makes funny faces with me when I study Fleck is also a good listener he loves listening to fascinating stories he roars with laughter when I tell him a joke or a funny story he also pesters me with his stories and questions sometimes he asks me about things he has heard in his class and I try my best to explain them to him dawn Otte Fleck likes learning new things and is curious about things he doesn’t understand he is a good friend and is very helpful I love spending time with him and hope we remain best friends forever it’s a well-written essay is easy you have used good vocabulary to bring out what you want to say and the section about the park is a good addition now give your essay 1 read-through remember to do this always thanks aunt Faye I’ll run through it once just to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes after the essay has been written it is very important to go through the essay to make any revisions if required before finalizing the essay read through revise and make appropriate changes to it ensure that all the important points have been included in the essay the essay must turn out to be exactly how you want it remove any detail that is not part of the topic check the essay for the flow spelling grammar capitalization and punctuation use descriptive words and appropriate transitions between paragraphs ensure that the words used are not repetitive repeated words can be replaced with different words with similar meanings we can also ask others to read the essay so that we know how the essay looks to a potential reader if certain sections are not as per our liking we can also rewrite those sections of the essay if we wish to improve them thank you so much for helping me aunt Faye I can’t wait for my acid to be printed in the magazine I’ll send you a copy of the magazine first thing on receiving it you’re welcome ZZ I would love to read it can we go show it to Fleck I want him to read my essay shows easy let’s go before we leave to meet Fleck let’s quickly take a look at all the points we have learned in the lesson on essay writing an essay is a composition made up of several paragraphs each of these paragraphs has a collection of connected sentences on a given topic a well-written essay usually has a title and a minimum of three paragraphs an essay is written on the basis of a given topic before beginning to write an essay we must do the following spend some time thinking about the topic and come up with points to include in the essay ask questions related to the topic and find answers to them refer to various sources of information such as books media people to get more information jot down ideas and information as points to draft and outline for the essay the points may not be full sentences arrange the points carefully in a proper order an essay is divided into three distinct parts the introduction are beginning the body or the middle the conclusion or the end introduction it is the beginning of an essay intended to introduce the topic to the reader it is usually shorter than the following paragraphs as it only tells the reader what to expect in the essay body it is the middle and the main section of an essay that follows the introduction it gives the most amount of detail about the topic it can be divided into several paragraphs with one major point being covered in each paragraph it can include reasons examples quotations statistics opinions or personal stories of the writer conclusion it marks the end of an essay it sums up the essay and restates the important points of the topic including the writers views and opinions within one paragraph it uses words or sentences that signal the end of the essay some helpful pointers for writing essays are use the outline as the foundation of the essay include any new ideas conceived while writing at the right places use appropriate words and good vocabulary to heighten the effect of what is being said and how it is being said ensure that the words and sentences are grammatically correct a bit of humor can be included in the sentences to make it lively and enjoyable for the reader before finalizing an essay carry out the following steps read through the essay to correct mistakes or make changes ensure that all the important points have been included in the essay remove any detail that is not part of the topic check the essay for the flow spelling capitalization and punctuation use descriptive words and appropriate transitions between paragraphs ensure that the words used are not repetitive repeated words can be replaced with different words with similar meanings ask others to read the acid to know how the essay looks to a potential reader rewrite certain sections of the essay in order to improve them if needed

Example Paper Comments — Synthesis Paper (APA format)

hello and welcome I hope that you found this video helpful I’m going to go over some key points of the assignment for synthesis and we’re going to talk just a little bit about expectations because the the critique paper I thought that you know directions were clear but I also am going to add this I guess auditory learning experience for you so that you’re not just reading and you have something to look at and I’ve decided to update the video so that’s why a new ones getting posted the first example that you’re gonna see here is a paper that a student wrote and gave me permission to use please always respond to me yea or nay if you’d like me to use one of your papers as an example because if I asked you it means that it’s you know worthy of sharing with other students and I usually choose at least a couple every semester so that I can give some examples now this is an APA so I want to make sure that you understand that only one person in this class should be doing MLA and if you did the introduction discussion board then I told you which format you should be using and also if you didn’t do that discussion board I also gave you that feedback in another way or I based it on your major so all of your formatting structures are based completely on what major you’re doing your course of study or your final course of study so if you communicated something that you’re going on to your masters to do something that warrants APA you were assigned APA so please follow those I will not give credit to students who do not do that simply because it’s not in the right format so hopefully you understand that but this was a concussion management protocol paper that is pretty good this person has all the right components so if we look now remember this is a student example so if there are errors they weren’t I didn’t correct those in this because I want you to see a true example of an APA paper so if you look at this one this has a two now this is actually in the wrong font which you probably wouldn’t automatically notice that but it’s in Calibri which is the default font for windows I mean I’m sorry forward so please note that you should be using Times New Roman 12 you see up here and you can just use the pulldown boxes to achieve that it’s pretty simple to do now if you notice this person has the introduction and it doesn’t say introduction that is common practice you do not in APA you do not put introduction for introduction because it’s assumed and then notice also that they didn’t include a abstract an abstract or an author’s note sometimes student students are expected to do that in APA but for the most part they’re not and abstracts are pretty simple they are just simply a summary of your paper and so I don’t really feel the need to have you go that extra step so I want to show you something in this paper since I’m going over it that’s wrong here so you see this where it looks kind of big in this section it’s because word actually defaults to a certain setting now when I when I decide to check that to make sure the spacing is right here’s what happens so if you pull down this you’re gonna see remove here and if you ever see that that means that it’s got too much space so that’s a simple test I just fixed it right there voila it is correct so please make sure that you understand that this example is imperfect and that’s why I showed you this to show you one of the points that were one of the areas that she had points deducted in this also note that she has done her title correctly that is in italics and it uses title caps I’ve seen a few people use all lower casing like you would in the actual citation and that is incorrect inside the text so please keep that in mind then you may already know this but I’m gonna make sure I cover a few things look how organized this is even without reading it the first point the third main point so they are summarizing the article the first article and then the second article so and there are some things on the rubric that you’ll want to notice I have you actually named that article before you summarized it so please be clear about which one you’re summarizing in those sections you should have one paragraph per article and that’s it so paragraph shouldn’t span an entire page you can see the blue here so you can see that word is picking up on something we won’t go over that but again here’s the spacing issue so you’ll want to make sure that yours does not have this same spacing issue and you simply go up there and hit remove it’s really simple to do so you can actually download this paper and use it as your template if you’d like I would love nothing more because what happens is when students don’t use headings sometimes no not everybody sometimes they get a little confused and put things in the wrong order or mix things mix and match and I think just having these little headings they’re just so helpful to keep your mind in that space that you’re supposed to be in now when you go back to your mini critiques remember in that practice critique assignment those questions were there so the questions that you should be answering we’re in the practice assignment that is also listed inside of your your rubric so please be paying attention to those tiny detail details as they’re so important so this is another example of where she’s done one paragraph of the first one the critique the second article has one paragraph and it’s a rather large paragraph not my favorite to see something that long but keep in mind that three sentences there’s not a paragraph constitute so three sentences in a paragraph is definitely going to get a comment for me that this needs to be developed there’s there’s really no peer-reviewed journal article that you could possibly do that on and effectively cover the material and if you think about it a paragraph with only three sentences really has that’s why I hate the three to five sentence role it really only has your introductory sentence your topic sentence the first sentence is that topic sentence the second sense is some sort of information and then you have a transitional sentence so it really is not — not college worthy so please keep that in mind and then the other rule about that is generally that you know a paragraph should never span more than half a page so it shouldn’t span an entire page so it’s not really a paragraph there should be a logical break so then we go to our synthesis section and I’m kind of particular about these so I’m going through and correcting these and you can see the correction over and over so hopefully you’ll pick up on it because the one that’s posted does have that issue so you will want to remove those spaces and all levels of contact sport should be implemented so they start out with that information and they start if you look now here’s something else that was taken off for while you might want to mention this title once okay it cannot span you cannot mention titles over and over in the synthesis section you should be using in text citations and she’s got a good example here those are what you should be using for this so she’s saying that both of those articles had this in common and the in-text citation is is perfectly capable of communicating that and then mentioning it like I said once is fine but going overboard will cost some points and really when it says supports the symptoms of concussion as long as this is general so if you’re thinking in terms of when do I do in-text citations this is the rule you if it is a quote or if it is a paraphrase there is an in-text now if you’re writing an entire paragraph on something like this one she’s actually missing an in-text citation here if you’re writing an entire paragraph those unless it’s a quote and then you’re mixing and matching and switching if you’re writing a whole section on this one article that you see here and I’m sure that the other part she’s already got a citation out there but furthermore female athletes are more likely to this is probably coming from an article which doesn’t have a citation down here so general rule is if you’re writing a paragraph it it includes both of your citations or both of your sources you’re going to want to use the example you saw above so this would go toward the end of your these two I can’t impenetrable highlighting it but these two would go toward the end of that paragraph because you took it from both so you’re talking about commonalities between the two articles it would look like that at the end of the paragraph that you’re discussing it in so that was one correction and needed to be made in this one according to both articles so again they are they’re talking about what’s in common there okay and there may be some differences between the articles which is you’re supposed to discuss so this section of synthesis is really slightly too short like this is the just barely so really you need to make sure you’re doing a thorough examination of those articles making sure that you really pull together those differences and similarities and they should have some common topics in it or you can’t use those articles so just to be clear and then down here the conclusion of course the spacing you’ll have to fix if you use this template the conclusion is pretty good make sure that you are completely avoiding first-person completely no eyes we’s us our none of that and academic writing unless it’s explicit that you can use first-person such as like if you’re if you’re doing a part where you’re giving a response really in truth in a response you can completely avoid first-person also so just keep that in mind that you know unless it’s explicitly stated that it’s okay you cannot use first person in most academic writing another thing I’d like you to avoid is contractions so contractions are generally considered conversational speech if you will so try to avoid all those and simply spell them out do not write so don’t as do not so avoid those on your synthesis paper as well my goal is for you to write more academically by the end of this class and so I want to give you some tools to do that and I expect that since I’m telling you that you will make those changes remember my overall goal for all students is improvement over time and while I do look and take off points for things I still look at hey are you improving and what feedback can I give you to help you make it better okay so you will notice one thing on references now on MLA this is gonna say works cited and on MLA you’re gonna have that other header information and you won’t have these running heads you’ll have the last name and the page number which I believe the MLA student in here is already knows that but I want to mention that now these these references are also APA and they are they are pretty good this one okay see the difference here I want you to alert yourself to this this is this is what I was seeing in text and it shouldn’t be so this is correct for the citation the and actually the how should be capitalized so it should actually look like this and then they have five through fourteen so they don’t have this part in here on the first citation sometimes that happens where you won’t have that volume and issue and you have to use just page numbers so this is correct for what’s available to the student now this one if you notice there’s a difference in this title here this is not formatted like this one see the lower case so you this would want to be you would want to correct this and then the rest of that looks correct so then the next one let’s look at this one same problem here this is from a peer-reviewed journal article and they used for articles which when I talk about the synthesis section you can imagine that should have been longer because it wasn’t it wasn’t a full four paragraph so she didn’t get a minus on it and you can look through here and see and it was really close to a b-plus she had some information that was pretty high quality so keep that in mind as you’re going through here that you make this sections appropriate your longest section will be synthesis you’ll have a paragraph of about five or a few more sentences on your each summary five or a few more than that sentences on each critique then your conclusion would be about that five or a few more sentences and then your synthesis will take up the bulk of your essay so I won’t go over the rest of those because I have 15 minute segments to make these not so hard to watch but I just wanted to point out some things on this so and it actually was an a-minus paper so please keep that in mind and as you do some work thank you for listening and there will also be a video on the rubric and writing prompt that that will be posted as well

HOW I GOT INTO STANFORD — My Common App Essay (Accepted at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, etc)

hello everyone my name is Jasmine welcome to my channel I recently graduated high school and I am going to be attending Stanford University next fall and after I got in I got like a lot of like dams on my Instagram and stuff asking for advice and a lot of like just juniors and I know emailing me like asking to share my essays and stuff so I thought I was just fulfilling my high-school dream I’m starting a YouTube channel and I watched so many of these kind of videos when I was applying and honestly I feel like it is super helpful to kind of just hear different people’s essays because each person’s application is super unique and I think that’s really important to get into Stanford that your application is just like uniquely you and nobody else can really write the essays that you’re writing so I’m gonna be doing a lot of videos on my application and my advice like my personal stats and everything and then I’m also gonna be doing videos like once I’m actually at Stanford cuz I think that’d be super fun but now I’m just gonna for the today’s video just read my comment essay and kind of talk a little bit about why I chose a topic I did why chose write out what I wrote about but yeah so I have my laptop here so I’m just gonna read what it says song called not for this essay it says this essay demonstrates your ability to write clearly and concisely on a selected topic that helps you distinguish yourself in your own voice what do you want the readers of your application to know about you apart from courses great and test scores choose the option that best helps you into that question I read an essay a normal of no more than 650 words using the prompt to inspire and structure your response remember 650 word is your limit not your goal and so there’s a ton of topics you can choose from and there’s one that even says like just let whatever you want but the one that I chose to write about is some students have a background identity interest or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it if this sounds like you then please share your story so I’m just gonna read my essay I am a mutt as an Asian Hispanic American I grew up clashing in all three directions I am a third of each identity and therefore not entirely of any as a youth I felt excluded from complete membership in any one group because I comprised aspects of the other two that did not fit in it just has a mixture of identities complicated how people viewed me the way I was treated and how I viewed myself when I was younger my dad spoke in Spanish to me so I could grow up bilingual however when I started school I became embarrassed about using it even in my home I started ignoring my dad when he addressed me in Spanish and lost some languages I grew older throughout grade school I would bring all Asian snacks to school and was teased but then at the same time was picked on by my Asian relatives for holding chopsticks like a white person in the fifth grade I was placed in the class at the greater number of Hispanic students while the other class was entirely Caucasian my class was much slower paced and I was frustrated being there at my high school with Hispanic students tended to be stereotyped as lower performing students multiple teachers including math and science before knowing me talk down to me until the end of the first grading period when it was evident I was a good student all these experiences were challenging they brought in my self-awareness and self-acceptance of who I was I now recognize my diversity as an asset I realized that my experiences allowed me to connect build relationships with and value people from different backgrounds rather than just tolerating the negative stereotypes that I grew up with I am now confident and ready to challenge them in particular I realize that Hispanic females are underrepresented in the engineering field and part of this is due tonight to the negative societal views of Hispanics and woman interestingly my dad came from a time when the barriers for Hispanic engineers were even greater born in Puerto Rico he struggled through poverty with little education or support in addition because he was the first person in his family to obtain a college degree he did not even have role models to inspire him or to follow he eventually graduated from college and became a very successful electrical engineer with two masters degrees he still often faces biases and had to continually and has to continually prove his credibility in the workplace despite his education expertise and work experience while his success story inspires me it is not my own I was fortunate to have access to a strong educational around Wisconsin support from my family so my challenges are not identical to my dad’s however there continues to be unjustified stereotyping of Hispanics and women in the professional environment my dad’s generation represents the first movement of Hispanics breaking the initial barriers in the stem field I consider myself a part of a secondary movement whose goal is to shape a stem community that completely embraces Hispanics in particular Hispanic woman and whose goal is to motivate those like myself who would otherwise be discouraged to take this path I am very interested in engineering is I have a love for the math and sciences my hope is to be a successful Hispanic female engineer that not only gain fulfillment in a field that I enjoy but also has a larger impact on society I want to normalize the acceptance of Hispanics women and Hispanic women in STEM simultaneously increasing the confidence of these individuals in their ability to pursue their goals although growing up was sometimes complicated and confusing because of my diversity today I’m grateful for my uniqueness and the broader perspective and sense of empowerment it has given me to influence and change society so that was my essay and when I was trying to think about what to write about um so something that is very important to me is my identity but I didn’t want to just keep it like very surface level and talk about like oh yeah I grew up with different backgrounds in you value diversity and then like just kind of stop there because that’s kind of a very like typical essay to write if you’re writing about your background so I wanted to include all aspects of my life so I um included like some short anecdotes about things happen me when I was little and how that kind of shaped me into like going into high school and then after that and then I kind of went a new went into how I want to take those experiences and apply it to a future career and then I also kind of mentioned like what I’m passionate about kind of how I want to shape society upon what would be graduating from Stanford or whatever college I would end up choosing how I like and really passionate about increasing minority representation and stem and just in you know in different STEM careers and then I kind of talked about how other than a family where my dad has lost his job multiple times being in the field sometimes he would be at the like the top level system but then he would be the one let go and then there I don’t know I just experience certain things in my life that kind of still showed that those things are still an issue so I kind of talked about that okay so um I think maybe sometimes the perception is that a lot of people who get into schools like Harvard and like Stanford who are from maybe more underrepresented background like like the Hispanic community maybe either are from a lower-income family or are the first in their family to go to college most situations that are definitely valid a lot of if you can go to a top school like not having anyone else in your family who has gone to college like that’s I mean you think that’s super cool but that’s also not the only people who get into these schools from those different kinds of backgrounds like a lot of people who go to my school because I go to school I went to school in the city who were from minority background a lot of them were from lower-income communities and they you know they rose above maybe their situation in order to get into these um into these universities and that’s super awesome but that’s not really my story like I I was fortunate I live in a middle-class family in the suburbs in Texas and so those things were not something that I had to overcome I had a lot of work from my family and I had a pretty good education I grew up in the suburbs not where I went to school and I don’t that doesn’t have to be your story for you to get it you know whatever story you have is valid and unique and everyone is passionate about something so it doesn’t you know if that’s not your story that doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna get in so it’s just I just want to try my essay about something that only I could write about and when you like and I send this to a lot of people because I just think like you can’t really take it even if you wanted to because it’s very just specific to me so advice for when you’re trying to think I want to write your comment up essay about if you’re about to apply to college I think a good place to start is like what are you passionate about in your life it can be your identity maybe it’s a job you have maybe it’s an intern you did or some work you do in the community or just maybe like something that you see in your community that you’re passionate about and want to reform just what are you passionate about that is the main thing I don’t you should have sit down and think what’s the like coolest like most flashy thing in my life because mine’s not really talking about like my accomplishments you’re like my work I think or anything it’s more just like Who I am what I’m passionate about and what I want to do in the future the other advice I have for your essay is to make sure you have different eyes on it you know I got my essay edited by both of my parents who are both really smart people so they both edited my essays and then I also I have teacher ed in my essay who I didn’t know very well it was just an English teacher in my school because I kind of wanted an unbiased opinion to see if somebody who didn’t know me could still understand my story from that I say because my admissions officers obviously they’re not going to know me prior to meeting my essays so I wanted to see if you know somebody who literally had no idea who I was would still be able to get my story and the message and like that everything made sense because whenever I’m in here my mom’s reading it like I know what I’m trying to say she knows what I’m trying to say so it kind of makes it a little bit more difficult to distinguish things like that and then also young people to help cappucino a little grammar mistakes and things that when you’re reading it over and over you might not be able to catch don’t feel like if your your essay in one sitting I definitely look at the topic thought about what I want to write about talk to my mom about what I want to write about kind of like brainstorm different elements and I want to incorporate it’s definitely a process don’t don’t like get stressed out that gets to do it in one sitting literally I think I copy and pasted the topic into a document save it and close my laptop and just thought about it for two weeks before I looked at it again so definitely start early I think I like started at the beginning of my senior year just thinking about it because it is a process but also don’t feel like you need to work on your essay I was day like think about ideas let them sit with them process and then go back and revisit and also I know if for me it was important I glad in my essays but I only have three people out of it which wasn’t a lot you don’t want anyone to take away your voice definitely listen to suggestions but don’t let anyone make their essay in their voice you know still keep it in your voice and what you want to talk about so I think I guess like that’s all the advice I really have for that specific I said I was also accepted to Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineering and University of Michigan College of Engineering with this specific I say because I didn’t apply to that many Komarov schools so all I will also have more videos in the future about my Stanford supplements my statistics everything like that I’m going to be interviewing some of my friends I have friends going to Yale to USC to rise so I’m gonna be interviewing them too so you guys can have just kind of a overall like a broader opinion on if you’re going applying to a top school this fall or in the coming future follow me on Instagram and you can feel free to give me like any personal questions you have [Music]